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Newspaper Article From "The Record" (With Photo) - 1999 P&M Reunion (Page2) (Page3) (Page4)

The Original Penn & Magnolia Panthers Baseball Team

Some Really Cool People From The 1998 P&M Reunion

A Very Cool Vic and A Very Pretty Sweetheart - 1954

And The Beat Goes On...We Hope - 1991 P&M Reunion

Young Friends..Ole Friends..Still Friends - Shorty's Birthday 1950

Tom Milligan & Ross Carfagno At Rough Joe Ping's - 1953

More than Friends - 1954 Betty Bates and Moose Herrmann

Summer 1999 - Moose, Dennis, Ross, Duke, Eileen, Betty, SaraAnn

Hangin' At Vic's - 1953

Bad Guys

Heatbreakers - 1954

I Can See The Corner From Here - Betty Bates 1955

The Little Flower Pot -1956 Betty Bates

1954 Hot Date - Vic Wright, Pat Radcliff, Dolores Ball, Duke Garvin

Airman "D" Brian Delaney -1954

Briancpm - Brian Delaney 1999

Missing Person - Franny Dean 1954

Think it's the battery? Dennis McFadden & Frankie Heiler 1956

Lite Luke-Duke Garvin - 1952

Central Grad-Duke Garvin - 1955

Not-So Lite Luke Duke Garvin - 1999

Party Time 1984 - Dennis Mc Fadden, Moose Herrmann, Vic Wright, Duke Garvin

Prom Night 1956 - Eileen Chadwick and Frankie Heiler

Easter Bonnet 1956 - Eileen Chadwick

The Gathering - Kay, Joan, Barbara, Lois, Sara Ann, Betty, Ellen, Pat Alexander, Pat Radcliff

Pals Forever -1954 George Brown and Joe Conners

Goodguys 1954 - Frankie Heiler, Buddy Hophan, Bob Markley and Tommy Eccleston

Celebration Time - Dave Carroll, Dennis McFadden, "The Jank", Moose Herrmann, Vic Wright

Hot Stuff 1953 - Bernice Toll

Flyboy Jimmy McHale - 1956

The Lap Chair Judy Garvin and Moose Herrmann - 1998

Little Joe 1956 Joe Quinn

Lackland AFB - 1955 Duke Garvin and Vic Wright

Happy Days - Mary Jane Eccleston and Pat Radcliff

Czar Con Job - Moose Herrmann and Al "Oscar" Carmardella - 1957

Amigos - Moose Herrmann and Ross Carfagno

Fashionable Movers - Jeff Garvin, Duke Garvin, Vic Wright - 1979

BBQ at Halgy's 1963 - Mouse, Bishop, Ken Mc Kenzie, Halgy, The Governor, Nate

Out of the Cosmic Dust Jack - "The Jank" Pracon - 1963

"Memories Are Made Of This" - Mary Ann Rush, Betty Bates, Pat Radcliff - 1953

Celebration - 1958 - P&M Ole Heads

Wives Night Out - 1984-Too Many To List

Together Again - 1999 - Duke, Betty and Ross

Always a Bridesmaid - Eileen Chadwick, MaryJane Eccleston, Betty Bates, Pat Alexander

Cute Kids -1953 - Pat Radcliff and Betty Bates

A Handsome Couple - Pat Radcliff and Bobby Alexander

Mr. Nice Guy - Rebel -1957

Life is Good - 1999 - Pat Radcliff, Betty Bates, Duke Garvin, Sonny "Cool Nate" Nizzardo

Big Reunion - 1999 - Seventy Five P&Mers at the Braod Axe, Ambler, Pa.

Our Wheels - 1958 - Vic Wright with Duke's '54 Ford Crestline, and Vic's '56 Ford Fairlane

 Yeah Baby - 1954 - Mary Jane Eccleston and Pat Radcliff

Pat Radcliff -1954 - That Girl

No Pictures Please - Pat Radcliff, Mary Jane Eccleston, Frank Heiler Reunion - 1999

 So..Where is Alice? Mary Ann Rush and Eileen Heiler - 1999

Mr.M and Mrs.D Tom Milligan and Jinny Griffith DiFulvio - 1999

Reunion - 1991

Twosome - 1999 Betty Bates Delaney and Sonny "Cool Nate" Nizzardo

Reunion - 1998 Bennis Twins, Dennis, Jim Herrmann, Phil , Duke, Beanblossom, Eddie, Moose

Reunion - 1997 Moose, Dennis, Jack Bennis, Duke, Al, Jim Bennis

Makin' Merry - 1958 Rita Heiler, Janet Quallet, Rebel, Stomp, Dennis and Trigger

Pretty Woman - 1999 Marcia Cymermann McFadden

Rogues Gallery - 1999 Tom Hunter, Andy Petruzelli, Bill Snyder, Sonny Nizzardo, Jim McFadden

Three Lovelies - Connie Milligan, Shiela Milligan, Judy Nizzardo

Remember When - Ed Heiler, Vic Wright and Frank Heiler (1999)

Time Stood Still 1999 - Betty Bates-Delaney, MaryJane Eccleston-Creelman and Pat Radcliff-Lilly

Little Sister Rosemary McKeon - 1999

Our Gals 1999 - Eileen Chadwick, Pat Radcilff, Betty Bates and MaryJane Eccleston

Our Oscar 1999 - Betty Bates and Al "Oscar" Carmardella

Three Irishman 1999 - John Edward Flanagan, Dennis McFadden, and Bob "Shorty" Larkin

Lovely Couple 1999 - Vic Wright and Eileen Chadwick-Heiler

Al "Oscar" Camardella 1957 - Central High School All Public First String

Alicia Lutz and Bob Camardella - Cardinal Dougherty Senior Prom (1961)

Al Buccini - Dottie's Baby Brother - 1960

P&M Panthers Defeat Brickyard For 1958 Germantown Boys Club Championship

Cousins 99 - Duke Garvin, Judy Garvin Hausler and Vic Wright

Our Gals 1956 - Sara Ann Evans Smith and Betty Bates Delaney

At Old Man's 1999 - Tom Milligan, Ross Carfagno and Duke Garvin

Milligan Coffee Club'99 - Connie, Tish , Shiela and Tom Milligan, Ross Carfagno, Duke Garvin

Cool Nate - Sonny Nizzardo 1954

"The Bomb" Our '34 Chrysler with Ross Carfagno and Moose Herrmann

Drugstore Cowboys - Pete Peniston,Trigger Donnelly and Richie Butler 1953

Trigger Man - James "Trigger" Donnelly 1957

Plick and Boom - Vic Wright and Bob Markley 1954

Gentleman Jim - Jimmy McHale 1999

Chadie and Ernie McKessick 1959

1959 - Back In The Day - Eileen K., Pudgy Mochieo, Thelma, Teddy Cymerman

Oh Those P&M Girls-Thelma, Marcia, Chadie and Eileen

1957 Sweet Things Pat Milligan and Marcia Cymerman

1959 Sailor Boy - Tom Milligan

Sir Thomas- Tom's 60TH Birthday - Vic, Ross,Tom, Moose, Dennis and Jim

1952 Happy Times - Dick Milligan and Donny Miller

1956 So Fine - Joyce Milby and Pat Milligan

1957 The Pudge - Frank "Pudgie" Mochieo

1999 The De Nardos - Dom and Shiela Milligan DeNardo

1999 Schmoozin' The Czar - Moose and Tish

1999 A Big Shorty - Bob "Shorty" Larkin

Tom's Cherub - 1999 Joan Cox

Good Times- 1999 Dom DeNardo,Connie,Tish Milligan, Al Carmardella, J. Bennis

Forever Young - Cathy , Eileen , and Shiela

Lookin' Good - Connie, Thelma, Liz "Chadie", Marcia , and Tish

1958 Little Dolls - Pat "Tish" Milligan and Marcia Cymerman

Cherokee Indians -1949 ** Help us put names to the faces (Submit:

Cherokee Indians -1947 ** Help us put names to the faces (Submit:

Ain't She Sweet - Peggy Short 1953 

At The Lake - Pat Hartley, Lorraine Norfolk & Lois Boggs

Doc's Drug Store - John Altus, Mildred Altus & George Delaney

Easter Bunny Lois Boggs

Field of Dreams Bob VanAlstein

Just Kids - Buddy Hophan, Peggy Short & Jim Davis

Lil Judy - Judy Nizzardo - 1952

Lil Linda - Linda Mims - 1952

A Real Cutie - Peggy Short

Lost in Wister Woods Peggy Short and Joan Quail

Miss Pet - Joanie Petruzelli - 1953

Nate in California Sonny Nizzardo - 1956

On Deck "Cool Nate" Sonny Nizzardo - 1956

Pegs are Cool - Mouse Heiler and Franny Dean

Richie Butler (1948) - Bill, Ethel, Tom & Don Hill

Tom & Don Hill At The Wissohicken -1948

Who's Got The Puck ? - Andy Petruzelli Or His Buddy ?

1948 Don Hill - Across The Street From 5320 Magnolia

1948 Bill Hill With Lucky The Dog

Louise Frederick, Pete Penniston, James Donnelly, Ed Heiler, Rita Mae Frederick

Don Hill, The Heilers, and Rita Mae Frederick At The Wissahickon

Franny Sheehan (The Bishop)

50's Heart -Throbs (Mary Ann Rush and Joyce Swan)

Halgey Chillin - Bill Snyder - 1954

A Nice Fella' - Clayton Walsh

Nice Light Fixture - Lois Boggs and Moose Herrmann

The Prom - Ray Garcia, Carol Buccini, Lynne Engelman, Andy Petruzelli

Reilly Raiders - Frank Neill and Mary Neill - 1999

1953 - Soakin' Up Rays (Pat Hartley)

Soda Jerk -Georgie Delaney

Stone Wall At 5353-Peggy Short

Two Guys - Vic Wright and Jimmy Davis

Yearsley Gal - Lois Boggs - 1953

Lookin Good - Mary Neill

On The Corner - 1963 John Cary and Frank Neill

Media Man Today - Frank Neill


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