P&M Motivational Quotes * Gives a different quote each time you enter the page. Also has monthly calendar.

Penn & Magnolia Trivia Quiz * This is too, too kooool !! Try it out and then send Guido your trivia questions.

P & M's NEW Live Radio Broadcast

Radio Station Locator * Need to find a radio station to listen on-line? Guido says "WOW"

Did You Know * Just a few facts you probably don't know and after reading them, probably won't care

P&M Game Room * Guido has put together some neat on-line games to waste your time

World Population Calculator * See how many people are on planet earth ...., second by second

Cm - Inches -Feet Calculator * Really Cool..., enter your known measurement to see equivalents

Simeon's Magic * You will be amazed at this guy. On-line magic ? Oh yeah.., cool, cool, cool. Guido's choice

The Pig-Latin Converter * This is for real. Type a word and the "pig-latin" equivalent will appear. Cool !

Time Since or Until Calculator * Enter any date, past or present and see years, weeks,days

Amortization Calculator * Quickly calculates entire payment, the principal and interest amounts

Loan Calculator * Very accurate. I've also added a pop-up window with a working, "simple" calculator

Salary Calculator * Enter either your yearly or hourly salary, effortlessly see a breakdown.

Morse Code Translator * This Really Works ! Type your phrase and see the instant translation.

The History Page * A history buff ? You WILL find it here. It's extensive, amazing and Guido's choice

On This Day In History * Find out who was born, who died and more

EarthCamTV * Watch and broadcast live images over the Internet

Top 40 Hits 1930-1998 * Want the lyrics to a song? Check this out

On-Line Live Radio * Seems to be very stable. Let Guido know how you like it

Fun-O-Fun.Com * Cool site with FREE stuff (Catalogs, Greetings, Jokes and More)

The MSN Gaming Zone * Play on-line games of all kinds. All FREE. One time download is necessary

WavList.com * WAVs are sound files. Here's an extensive collection of cartoons, comedians, ad parodies & more

On-Line Calculators * Need a calculator? This place has all kinds

Priceline.com * Name your own price for airline tickets, hotel rooms, groceries, new cars, home finance and more!

This Day In History * Enter a date to see a page of information, years 1900 through 1997. Very, very cool

QVC On-Line * Need I say more?

Hemmings Motor News * Classic cars, used cars, parts, classified and More.

WebRing * One of the fastest and most exciting ways to navigate the World Wide Web!

Carfax. Com * Good site to check on any cars history by entering the serial number. Not entirely free

CoolSig * Signature files for your e-mail. You could really spend some time at this place. Check it out !

Court TV * Yeah, it's the same court TV as on your cable network. Very interesting stuff

Media Bay *Old time radio., audio tapes., music., newsstand

The Wedding Planner * Getting married ? Know someone who is ? Check our this site. It's got it all

Write Your Representative *Select your government representative, connect to their site

Go Phila. Home Page * Great site with all kinds of links to whats going on in Philadelphia

Neoplanet Home Page * Wanna try a new web browser. This one is cool. Guido's choice !

Browsers.com * This site has every available browser known for download

Discovery Channel OnLine * Into learning stuff. Check it out here

Merriam-Webster * Dictionary, Thesaurus, Word of the Day, Word Games. FREE and excellent. Guido's choice !

Encarta On-Line * Another FREE resource page. Dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas and more !

InfoSeek Reverse Look-up * Search by address, phone number, area code, etc.

Newspapers In Pennsylvania * Into newspapers. It seems like all those in PA. are listed here

E-Bay Auction * The biggest and oldest on-line auction

Map Quest * Still the best around for driving directions, maps and all that good stuff

EarthStation * The original intenet's multimedia museum. Sounds, images, broadcasts. This is a really cool place !

Declaration Of Independence * Guido put it here for you to READ once in awhile. God Bless America !

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