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MasterMind * Try and guess the word MasterMind is thinking of. Really neat !

The Bubble Game * This is very cool, very addictive and very much fun. 

Psychic Test * Another type of Guess game. See what your psychic ability rating is. Cool !

Blackjack * This one is really cool ! 

Checkers * This is the real thing. You'll love it

Surprise * A Special Surprise From Your Guido

Box Puzzle * Try your skill at moving the numbered squares into their proper order.

Picture Puzzle * Ok.., the box puzzle was easy? Try your skill at this one.

Tic-Tac-Toe * This game is meant to be played by two people

Magic Squares * This should get you good and frustrated. It CAN be done. Guido did it.., by accident

Random Phrase Generator * Replace the quotations with your own. Submit yours now

Age Calculator * If you think your old...., check this out to make sure

Salary Calculator *You type either your hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly salary and "presto".

Slots * Try your luck with the slots

The French Translator * Did you ever wish you had a good French translator? Here it is

Trivia Quiz * Try your hand at our P&M Trivia Quiz

Button Mania * A little intense but a number of playing levels. Give it a try

Pong * An old game that you should like

Point Guard Proficiency * On this page, you can easily calculate many statistical categories within the NBA.

???? * Whatever you do...., DON'T click-on this link. Guido is workin' on it.