The Penguin Newsletter is a vehicle provided to interested parties who have writing skills and would like to present their work to the public. Submission should have some relevance to Germantown and may be historical, genealogical, fictional, profiles on individuals, personal reminiscences of institutions and places, book reviews or any combination or logical extension of these. Our intention is go beyond the gossip sheet and general information format and provide a forum for thought-provoking and informative articles.

Historical pieces might be something like the development of Vernon Park or Market Square set in their respective historical contexts.

Genealogical studies could include tracing one’s family tree and highlighting some aspects of linage such as commercial significance or military connections to the Civil War. Combining genealogy with eulogizing makes for an interesting combination with lots of possibilities.

Short stories relating to growing up in Germantown and recounting personal experiences within a fictional framework offer endless humorous as well as serious platforms for expression.

Personal recollections of institutions, persons or places such as stores, teachers or buildings present many interesting possibilities.

Other ideas are encouraged and those presented here are not meant to be restrictive but to provide a springboard for our many fertile and creative minds. All suggestions will be given full and serious consideration.

Let’s hear from you.