Introducing Jim McAdoo
by Lou Brownholtz

Jim McAdoo grew up on the 500 block of E. Bringhurst Street and is a writer of some notoriety. He has spent a good deal of time over the last few years researching the family tree and writing a book about his dad Jimmy who was the swimming coach at Swarthmore College for more than thirty years. The book will be published shortly. Jim has shared some parts of the manuscript with me and it looks to be a powerful testimony to an inspirational and colorful father and well worth the read.

The McAdoo clan is of hearty Irish working class stock migrating to America in the 1850s. The fruits of Jim’s research can be seen at the McAdoo website:

I recommend it to anyone interested in genealogical studies.

Jim’s educational background includes Logan Elementary, Cooke Junior High and, of course, Central High. Acquiring a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Rutgers University and a Masters degree beyond that provided the appropriate background for an impressive career working, advising and consulting public and private companies.

Jim and his wife will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this September. Ginnie is also from Germantown and grew up on E. Stafford Street.

Jim shares our love of Germantown and provides us with a cute story about the “bombing” of Bringhurst Street during World War II. We hope Jim will share some of his other work with us on a regular basis. So, without further ado I give you Jim McAdoo.




The Night Bringhurst Street Collapsed