About Lou Brownholtz

Lou was born and raised in the Germantown section of Philadelphia and attended St.Vincent’s Elementary School, Roosevelt Junior High and Germantown High.

After high school he joined the army and upon completing his tour of duty enrolled at Temple University receiving a soccer scholarship and making the All-American team in his senior year. With a B.A. in math Lou set out on a mission to bring the beauty and discipline of mathematics to fertile young minds, first in Miami, Florida. Returning to Philadelphia he continued this quixotic endeavor at Roosevelt Junior High, his former alma mater. No windmills were felled and the quest was abandoned.

With an arsenal of advanced mathematics at his disposal, Lou was attracted to technology and spent several years programming mainframe computers. With the downturn of the economy in the 70s he was unemployed and started renovating houses with his brother Bob and did this until the Y2K computer problem surfaced in the late 90s. After a brief retraining period he reentered private industry and worked on Y2K-related problems through the year 2002; then he returned to school full time doing stints at Penn State and Chubb acquiring certificates from both.

He works in a variety of computer environments and languages, does historical research at the Germantown Historical Society, and writes fiction and articles of historical interest.