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Lets Go Shopping

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The Net Mall
CyberSpace Mall
Free Catalogs
JC Penny Home Page
















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Ansel Adams *The Man & His Work

















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The White House
US House Of Representatives Home Page
US Senate Home Page
Capital Watch On-Line *Magazine With Great Government Links
Congressional Quarterly Vote Watch *Searchable Data Base
The US Census Bureau
US Post Office
Jefferson Legislative Info. Center
Political One-Stop Info. Center
Political Polling-Make Your Voice Heard
Johnson Space Center
U.S. Commerce Department
Secretary Of Defense
Small Business Administration
IRS Home Page *Forms, Instructions, News And More)
















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US Olympics
Up To Date Sports Scores
ESPNET Sports Page
SportsLine Page
The Sports Network
FOX Cyber Sports
AFP World Sports Report
WWW Of Sports
Official Web Site Of Major League Baseball
National Baseball Hall Of Fame and Museum
The Baseball Statistics Page *Searchable Data Base
NBA Home Page
NFL Home Page
NHL Home Page
Golf Com. Home Page
Golf Web Home Page
Wimbledon Home Page















Business Related Help Services

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ASC International Risk Management
Find People & Businesses-Anywhere *The Finest We've Seen So Far !
Federal Express

American Express
AT&T Calling Card
Federal Express/Track Your Packages *An Intranet Gone Public
Free Federal Express Shipping Software
US Postal Service
US Postal Office Info. Page * Zip Codes / Rates/ Branch Office Locator
PartNet *Allows Search Of Databases For Electronic & Electromechanical Parts
Staples Superstore
Send A Fax From E-Mail
Domain Name Service
E-Mail Resources
Hello Catalog Of Telephone Productivity Tools
Kinko Printing Service















Computer Resources

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The Computer Price Cruncher *Where-What And How Much
CMC Information Services *Directory Of Online Communications Sources
AT & T Home Page
Netcom Home Page
AOL Home Page
MSN Home Page
NetScuf Home Page
Zip Drive Home Page

Nerd World Search Engine *Good Stuff
Virtual Computing Library
*Probably All You'll Need !
FREEware For All (59208 Programs) Mac & All Platforms
Computer Info. Resource (Especially MAC)
The Ultimate Mac-Great
MAC Location

MAC FREE & Shareware
Great Bunch Of Shareware For Windows 95
Windows Software
ShareWare Search On The Internet
The Software Sharing Resourse Library
Computer Magazine
MAC Pointers-Another Great MAC Location !
MacIntosh Internet Resources * FTP - Electronic Mail - DNS -Vidio-Audio & More !
Apple Computer Home Page
MSN (MicroSoft Network)
MAC WWW Directory
Gnn Home Page
Hewlett Packard Home Page
Windows 95 On The Internet
Claris Home Page For (IBM)
Adobe Home Page
American On-Line Home Page
WorldWide Internet Access Providers
JavaWorld Magazine
E-Mail Discussion Groups/Lists
Directory Of E-Mail Discussion Groups
Browser Watch *Leading Site For Information About Browsers And Plug-ins
Doctor HTML *Retrieves And Tests Any Web Page
Intuit Home Page *Home of Quicken & QuickBook For MAC and Windows

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Research Resources

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History-University Of Kansas
The Smithsonian Institute
Bill Nye The Science Guy PBS-TV
State to State Cost Of Living Interative Form
College & University Home Pages
















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Not Just Bibles-Christian Resources
Christian Resources On the Web
Computers For Christ















Financial Information

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Market Smart Quote Watch
ASC International Risk Management
Stocks & Bonds
Stocks & Bonds - Quotes
Securities & Exchange















Wines, Wines, Wines !!

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All About Wine
WWW Virtual Wine Library
Wines On The Internet
Web Winery *Small Family Wine Co.- Santa Cruz Mountains